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  1. First up crosscut sled then rustic flags for the 4th and a desk that I've been putting off.
  2. Well, started setting up for the second time and just looking at the top I can see a big difference. The t-tracks top bevels are narrower and more uniformed and the throat plate opening is not jagged and sharp either. You can see the flatness is now more of what I would expect too, happy now.
  3. Well, returning the table saw to HD when I received it the box it was missing one of the packing straps probably was dropped but who knows. This time I'm not excepting it if the box looks to be damaged. Now I have to get some relatives to help get it to the store I'm disabled with a bad back so no lifting for me.
  4. Hopefully, Ridgid will get back to me on Monday and wtnhighlander that's a good idea about the trunions I'll loosen them tonight and see if there are any changes tomorrow. Thanks for the welcomes and Happy Fathers Day!
  5. Yeah, that's just an old Irwin carpentars square I'm bringing a machinist's flat bar to get a better measurement tomorrow. I have a precision 8inch bar but that's not long enough.
  6. I received a new Ridgid r4512 table saw for Fathers Day and have been assembling it. I noticed that my table is anywhere from .020-.030 out of flatness. I know most cast iron table saws are not going to be perfectly flat, but even my job site saw is not this far out, is this going to be a problem? I've contacted the manufacturer, but as of yet, I have not heard back.