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  1. THANK YOU to everyone who responded. Ultimately, I was able to achieve the angle I needed to get the job done. And I am happy with it. A big THANK YOU to TOM KING with the drill block idea. As all of you (experienced) wood workers know, jig blocks provide angles needed w/out problem. While I knew jig blocks work, I was unsure (do to inexperience) if the bit would bite into the jig, and in turn, mess up my angle. Miraculously, the SPADE drill bit did not compromise the block jig hole! By using two wood clamps (those Craftsmen wood clamps are truly amazing BTW) I was able to clamp the jig tightly to the post. And with a little ingenuity, I was able to align& find the center of the jig's diameter to the center where the hole needed to be bored. I drew a center line on the block's angle. Keeping the drill bit true, I was able to "eyeball" the bit vs. center line. Before, once again, I was afraid of moving away from center line. Ultimately, I need to trust my abilities more often. Once again, thank you everyone here! Job accomplished.
  2. Thank you, everyone. I used a drill press on the two "loose" 4x4 post and set the table and the proper angle. The holes look pretty good but I'll know for sure later. However, I'm still stuck on the lower posts, which are already secured in the ground. I am now using a 13/16 bore bit. Actually I have two - one is a speed bore and the other Forstner. GRagatz...I looked into those "drill mates" and learned that they only go to up to 45 degree angles so I do not believe that device will work. Nonetheless, thank you. I'm made two jig blocks. While I was able to capture the proper angle, I'm at the mercy of their shank length - please see pics. I feel I'm on the verge of making it work but... still at a loss! Thank you...everyone!
  3. Hi Tom, thank you so much for your quick reply. I was thinking of making a guide block. My question is, if a total of 24 holes have to be bored, how will the bore drill bit affect the block? Wont the bit cut into the block guide hole (due to an imperfect handheld drill angle), distorting the hole, in turn, creating an incorrect angled hole? Tom, I greatly appreciate you. - Doug
  4. I'm baffled! How do you bore a hole at a perfect 36.4 degrees into into railing posts? I am installing horizontal balusters on outdoor wooden patio stair of which trying to build. One rail has 6, 3/4" diameter balusters, 36" length going into treated 4x4 posts. The bottom posts are already secured in the ground. The top 4x4 posts - which are laying in the garage - will be bolted to the stringers and have yet to be installed. I've determined that the angle of my balusters are at 36.4 degrees. My problem is, how do I bore my 3/4" hole at that strange 36.4 degree angle? Again, two railing posts are in the ground and two are laying flat in the garage. How would you approach this?
  5. I am (or like to believe, was) having this same problem - scratches from sanding (course-fine). The type of wood makes a big difference, correct? Soft v. hard wood?