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    Self taught novice student of the craft with a desire to create lasting treasures for friends and family. More times than not I will embark on projects that are beyond my tooling and skill sets, through these challenges I have found that my abilities are improving and my work pieces are becoming something to be truly proud of.
  1. Misread and though you were talking about the breadboards and M&T joinery.... No, the top is not T&G, the lumber was originally +/- .875" thick and just under 4" wide, may have even been some old big box store stuff. Most all had some sort of twist, bow or cup. Lots of stock removal with a power hand plane and hand plane got them flat, most all ended up just proud of .625" thick. Really struggled with jointing all the edges while trying to maintain consistent width though.. Without a doubt it was my lack of skill and proper bench vise to work off of. Ill tell you what, even with the panel split into two glue ups, those pieces were sliding all over the place. Also, had two pieces of 8/4 that i glued up of the two edges to give the appearance of a thicker top, had to work with the materials i had available.
  2. yes sir they are, i think it is called a haunched tenon. The fit up was nice but the tennons look like a beaver with a chipped tooth got after them
  3. Hey Gents! New to WoodTalk and woodworking, looking forward to being inspired by the wonderful content here and have access to the wealth of knowledge. Wanted to say hello and let y'all know what I'm working on this week. This is a dining room table project I have been chipping away at for a few weeks now, made from oak that was given to me years ago. I have carted this lumber around through three moves and finally felt confident enough to use it on a project. For my first go at a breadboard, well any mortise and tenon work for that matter, I am very pleased with the outcome. Hope to have the everything sanded and prepped for finish by the weekend.