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  1. Nice chair for your first rocker. I think it's a good choice if your kids will be climbing all over it and they will. I spent 2 weeks in Andy Chidwick's shop learning how to make the "Maloof" style chair and can't say enough about his skills and teaching abilities. I think I was his second student at the time and I've enjoyed watching his success with his woodworking school.
  2. I wouldn't change a thing. I like the design. It will be so nice that you'll want it bigger so the baby will stay in it longer. Or............just keep having more kids.
  3. John, I think it's just the angle and light of the photo as I use the same templates. They aren't exactly the same but they are close. You do better at showing my pics on this forum than I do, thanks.
  4. Isawitfirst, I'm not a fan of Krenov's work. He was one of the best just not my style. If you look at one of my rocking chairs and the rear leg profile from the seat up you will see the leg profile of my desk only upside down. This is where I got the inspiration and idea for my desk. I am a huge Sam Maloof fan so the desk is another extension of my learning from him. It has won awards in shows that Sam's 3 assistants, now owners were the judges so I'm very pleased with the results. But hey, this is the critique room.
  5. Nice bowls Susie, Maybe you should carve some fruit to put into the bowls. I like the technique you use. It looks like a good way to use up all the small pieces of scrap.
  6. The wheels are from an "old" chair. I may update them at some point. I would like a design were you don't see the wheels but the legs would get too bulky looking. Real old wheels don't work as well as the newer ones. The ones on the chair are real smooth when sitting in the chair and that's what was important to me. Most people don't look at the lower section as the eye is drawn to the seat joinery and curves of the arms. Only us woodworkers look at all the other stuff.
  7. I like the contrast of the woods you used. Something different from what I normally see for this type of cabinet. Very nice and new looking for today.
  8. The finish on this chair is Maloof's oil/varnish from Rockler. I ran out of Tried & True. I'll order more so I have it on hand. I like both finishes. Tried & True has the wax mix so I tend to use it more on furniture where I'm not worried about water marks. I know Rockler sells that also. Today I'm using a marine varnish on a cabinet/table for a sale boat, wish I could use the oil finish but not on a boat.
  9. The chair is on my website with a closeup of the marquetry. I don't have the chair and desk together but they are in the same gallery.
  10. I just finished a cabinet that doubles as a step and folding table. I also used iroko and happy with the results. Once it's finished it will look nice in the sail boat cabin that it was designed for.
  11. This is the walnut swivel office chair I made to match my writing desk. The base is wood also. The base center is steel which the legs are dovetailed into. I added a small marquetry rose to a center brace for some personal emblishment. I'm adding more marquetry to my furniture as I like working with all the nice exotic veneers. Some of the pics are too large so check out my website for more. mahoneywoodworks
  12. Don't forget about marquetry projects. You don't need alot of tools, you can sit at a scroll saw instead of standing, the material (veneer) isn't heavy and it leads to other adventures in woodworking. I have an unused lath in my shop just taking up space. I did enjoy turning when I was in that phase of my woodworking interests.
  13. Thanks Susieq, I haven't been able to post some of my pics. Not sure why. I have some really nice photos on my website, mahoneywoodworks.com. I had a professional photographer take them to get some close ups. You will see the desk with and without the laptop. I'm about 2 weeks from finishing the matching office chair.
  14. James, I live in Canyon Lake which is 20 min North of Temecula. You can see my work at Mahoneywoodworks.com