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  1. Mines not the fanciest. But works well for me. I can cut 9’ to the left and 20’ to the right.
  2. A finish that we used at the cabinet shop was Emmet’s “Good Stuff”. It's a urethane based product, that is wiped on. The company that we bought BB tops from highly recommended it.
  3. Yea you can sand it down and start over. The blotchy spots can be toned down a lot with the proper sanding and prep work. If you have any flooring remnants I would sand a few to test staining before re applying to the floor.
  4. I use Sherwin-Williams CAB acrylic for most of my finishing. Stays very clear. Another one I have used a few times is Varathane water based poly. It also stays clear. Just takes so long to dry.
  5. What a great gift. Grandchildren are the best.
  6. I use Johnson’s paste wax on all my cast iron surfaces. Definitely not on benches. Don’t want to have to chase stuff around.
  7. Hey, Just thought I'd stop in and say hi. Been lurking for some time. I'm a GC by trade. Built custom cabinets for 18 years before this gig. I still do a little cabinet work on the side in my small shop at home. And now getting into the furniture stuff. Ron