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  1. I plan on doing all of these other mods except the Wynn filter, I'm going to be venting outside. Also I won't be installing any runs as my shop is my garage which also houses the wife's car, bicycles,etc. so all of my tools are mobilized. I just hook up my DC to each tool as I use it. Can be a pain in the arse I suppose but you learn how to be very organized in your work flow......LOL
  2. I've read a couple of forums where the stock inlet plate was cut to 6" and something like this 6" air duct collar was used to attach to the SDD inlet with a short piece of 6" DC hose. I don't think opening the inlet to 6" would cause any performance issues with the bigger impeller. This guy, at least according to his post, has had the same HF dust collector for 15 years with these modifications and never even closes his blast gates and has great performance.
  3. 5" and from everything I've seen the Harbor Freight dust collector cannot be switched to 220v.
  4. Here’s a video of another guy who switched out his stock Harbor Freight with the Rikon impeller which is the same as the WEN branded impeller I installed. It shows a 1% increase in Amp draw on start up (not hooked up to a cyclone or tool), an average of 9% increase in amps when ready at a steady state connected to a tool (i.e. table saw), approximately 34% increase in static pressure and 15% increase in airflow. So it looks like the measurements obtained in the video fall inline with what drzaius is saying. I’m not an engineer either, just looking for info to help this make sense to every
  5. I don't know if this helps, but the top dust collector is the brand I have (Harbor Freight) and the lower one is the WEN model (the one with the larger impeller and back leaning blades). I've seen both of them operate in person and the impellers spin in the same direction. Other than the color and the difference in impeller design they look exactly the same. The interior of the impeller housing is also exactly the same.
  6. I have an ammeter, I'll definitely put it in on and see what it reads at start up and steady running.
  7. Hey guys, Since the WEN impeller is "new" vs the Rikon impeller that's been popular I thought I would add these pics to the discussion. One note that I'll add about the WEN impeller. I've seen comments in other forums about the Rikon impeller fitting a little loose. For me the WEN impeller installed easily with several taps using a rubber mallet and there was absolutely no play. It spun up nicely with no hitting, rubbing, vibration, etc..... and appeared to be perfectly balanced by visualization. I didn't do any air flow tests because I don't have the equipment for that and it s
  8. No problem, glad I could help. I’ve also attached a pdf copy of the WEN dust collector manual that I used as a reference for the impeller info Matt 3403.manual.20180703.pdf
  9. Hey guys in regards to the WEN impeller go to and scroll down to the bottom to the “contact us” button. It will take you to a form to fill out with your info and comments/request. I had to download the manual for the dust collector to get the part number which is 3403-22, this is also where I found the specs for it to see it was the same as the Rikon impeller. Here’s their number in case you’d rather just call them directly: (847) 429-9263
  10. Just an FYI for anyone wanting to upgrade their Harbor Freight dust collector fan. You can now also by a fan from Wen Tools. It's the same specs as the Rikon fan but only costs $35 and shipping is free. The part number is 3403-22...... just got mine today, installed and runs with no problems.
  11. FWIW, I found the WEN 3403 dust collector. It's $285 and ships free from WEN. It's basically the same as the Harbor Freight dust collector but has the Rikon style impeller (backward facing vanes and 11.8" diameter). For $70 more it comes with the " impeller mod" already done. Also from what I've seen in the Harbor Freight flyers recently the Central Machinery brand (which is what their DC is) has been added to the list of what those 20% & 25% off coupons cannot be used for.....