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  1. Without air-conditioning I would either take the summers off or I would have to just be in the shop overnight. But even if I didn’t use the shop in the summer it would still have the heat and humidity so I guess it doesn’t matter if I’m actually using it or not.
  2. I love seafood so now you made me hungry too! We’ve spent months in the southeastern states looking for a house with land where a shop can be built or is already there. I did not notice the availability of fresh seafood as you mentioned. Now I am even more excited to move there.
  3. With air-conditioning my main concern is dust plugging the air-conditioner. I will have a dust collection system that captures fine dust but it seems like the air-conditioner would also need regular cleaning.
  4. Hi y’all! I am recently retired and looking to move from Michigan to the southeast in the area mentioned in the title. I’m concerned about rust forming on tools in these areas. If you have had rust can you comment on the ambient conditions i.e. heated or air-conditioned space and summer or winter rust formation. I’m trying to determine if I need a heated or air-conditioned shop. The steel tools in our garage that have been exposed to Michigan humid summers have not had any rust that I’ve noticed. It just seems to me that the Carolinas have higher humidity levels for longer periods of time.