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  1. Thank you all for your input.

    I think I am going to lean towards what the log homes are finished with as log homes are pine here in the upper midwest, beings pine is what I am using.  Along with a bug insecticide and mold buster additive.  Log Homes if maintained last quite a few years.  I will probably use a log home caulk to fill in the cracks too as this will stretch and compact as the pine timber expands and contracts.

  2. Thank you for the advice wtnhighlander.  I did try the boiled linseed oil on a scrap piece and you are right it did really yellow it and with multiple coats I believe it would even be more yellow.

    I will go with your advice on a good clear deck sealer.  Thanks again!

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  3. Thank you all for your input!  The customer is pretty set on using the live edge beetle pine.  Basically it is a pine tree from the Black Hills National Forest that bark beetles killed and it left blue streaks throughout the slabs, there is no beetle holes.  It will take 3 slabs about 7 feet long for the sign.  I am going to CNC the wordage and logo. 

    Another person recommended using boiled linseed oil.  She said thats what they use on tree trunks that were carved with a chainsaw and the roots are still in the ground.  carvings such as owls, eagles etc. 

    Has anyone had experience with using the boiled linseed oil for a finish?


  4. I have a customer who wants me to do a large outdoor sign with live edge pine.  The customer wants low maintenance on it.  Normally I use Hellsman Spar Urethane for outdoor signs.  Is there an epoxy I could use that doesnt need to be maintained every year.