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  1. Interesting! Never thought about putting my table saw tenon jig on the router table.
  2. See if your supplier has 'kiln dried' lumber. Our local lumber yard has a small supply - well worth the higher price for nice, straight, dry lumber. Shop where you can pick and choose what you buy! It's not uncommon to find better lumber in the long stock; 10, 12, 16, etc. Lay each piece you select on the floor (assuming it's flat) and check for twist. -Don
  3. Keeping in the spirit of the season, I would like to submit this project from December of 2007... Perhaps not my favorite project, but certainly one that brought back a lot of old memories while working in the shop. Go back in time to the mid 1950's! My older brother took a high school woodworking class - his class project was to build a buffet for my Mom! At some point-in-time over the last 50+ years, the buffet was demoted to a garage storage cabinet, and unceremoniously mounted upside-down on the garage wall. It was used as a storage cabinet; the doors were long gone! I salvaged the
  4. Just curious, did you find plans and build an outfeed table?
  5. Sorry about that! I changed the link, try again. -Don
  6. Hello everyone! I'm looking forward to some quality time on WoodTalkOnline! Woodworking has been a life-long hobby. My wife and I are both retired and currently live in Jefferson, Oregon (15 miles south of Salem). Our two-car garage is my woodworking shop. Here's a link to most of my woodworking projects. Woodworking Projects I look forward to sharing the hobby with all of you! -Don Edit to change link.