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  1. To add to the tool list from before... We also have: biscuit jointer, detail biscuit jointer, a scroll saw, cordless circular saw, cordless jig saw, bench top grinder, a couple chisels, drills, router(want to add a compact router with a plunge base), cordless orbital sander. Yes we do have a thickness planar, and a 6 inch planar joiner. Router table is definitely on our to do list. Hand tools I know we are lacking. Recommendations on hand planes, chisel sets, and anything to get us started with the smaller stuff would be appreciated. I should also add that we do have experience with power tools. Between the two of us we both have some contractor type work experience, and for as long as I can remember we have be chopping up reclaimed wood to make signs, small benches, and decor. We have not bought the powermatic yet. I have talked to the guy some and I do know that it runs without issue and its a 220 3hp. Im waiting for some more pictures from him. I do know he has cut the rails for the fence down to fit his space. I'm waiting for an answer back on just how short he cut them. My question is, is the saw pictured above worth the $550 he is asking? Is there anything we need to look for to red flag the sale? He is 4 hours away and I just want to make sure we avoid wasting our time as much as possible. Thank you for your guy's help.
  2. I’ll try to keep the back story brief. Growing up we had one routine that stuck for around a decade. Sunday morning we got up, mom made a southern style breakfast and we sat down at the table and turned the tv on to this old house and the new yankee workshop for my dad. Dad always said he would have a wood shop one day. Unfortunately between military housing and life and general, he never got his shop. He is now 67 and it is beyond time for me to help him with this dream. My wife and I recently bought a house that luckily had a “shop”on site. It’s a clean slate. We have roughly a 14’x28’ space to work in. Our current tool list, from things he collected over the years, is as follows: an old 2 horse craftsman Tablesaw, a 6 1/8 inch craftsman professional series planar/jointer, just bought the dewalt Dw735x 13 inch planar, disc/belt sander combo, an old craftsman drill press, we are upgrading from a craftsman 12 inch compound miter saw to the Bosch axial glide(to save room), and various drills and other smaller tools. My hope is to help give him a shop we can both work in and possibly start a small furniture business. I understand that the table saw is the heart of a shop, and I’m wondering if the craftsman will be enough. The fence sucks, like really sucks. We are torn between an upgraded saw that has a slightly better fence, or keeping the craftsman and adding a better fence. I have recently found a Powermatic 66 for sale for $550. Still waiting on more details from the guy. Am I correct in assuming this would be a good investment for us? What do I need to look for? Red flags as far as condition of the saw? Are there any other words of wisdom you guys have? What is the next step(s) you would take after the saw? We are just trying to figure out the best way to ease our way into this shop without breaking the bank. Thank you for your help