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  1. Yes, I wished there was a distributor that was close enough so I could check one out plus be there in case I needed a part or service. I ended up buying the Jet OES-80CS from a local dealer that has been in the CLT area for 2 generations. He handles many brands; Jet, Shop Fox, Powermatic, Laguna. He could order me a Baileigh but with shipping it would be another $300. So I pulled the trigger on the Jet. I think having a local Jet distributor is a good thing and parts if needed will be easier plus he stocks the belts right there. The Baileigh has an oddball size belt.
  2. Thank you all for Sharing and glad to be part of this forum
  3. Anyone out there own any Baileigh machines? Looking at buying one of their edge sanders. Looks well built from pictures for the price. No dealers close to look at them so I would have to pay freight. Very little info or reviews on this company. thanks,