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  1. I got a friend that want's me to make a wooden head piece for his parents grave out of a 24x18x3" Hawaiian Milo slab. Instead of setting on a slab on cement like a headstone he plans to hang it from frame like a sign so he can easily take it off to maintain the finish. I do some CNC work and know little about finishes but even less about outdoor finishes. Paint is not an option and he is not a woodworker so I want to set him up with a finish than isn't too had for him to maintain but looks beautiful and hope fully protects the Milo color which tends to turn gray in the sun. I don't think he'll have an issue with needing to refinish several times a year but I wondering if he'll need remove the finish before re-apply or is there something that we can add on the existing like I see some woodworkers do with oil finished. Some of the script text and images I'm putting on is thin so I want to make sure the maintenance process with not effect the carvings.