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  1. Thank you both - I'll try to get some better pics. I know it's not pine...and it's fairly heavy and very dense. I took down another piece, from the actually flooring in the 2nd floor of the barn - 17' long, that was fun! lol - and I'm going to clean it up a bit and see if I can get some pics of that too. So - I should take that piece I have and sand the end down? That won't make it harder to identify? Like I said, I have tons of the stuff so I'm game - just want to make sure I'm doing it right!
  2. Hey Everyone! A couple of years ago I bought a small farmhouse - circa 1840 - in Maine. A buddy came up and while he was exploring the barn he said there could be serious money in them there boards! I know there's a lot of reclaimed wood for sale and the prices are all over the place (most selling unfinished/raw word for about $7-8 bd ft. - but most of that that I've seen is only 4-8" wide) pretty sure this is oak - not sure what subspecies it is. The upper floor of the barn had two layers - many are around 12" wide, 1" thick and various lengths but almost all 8'+ with quite a few in the 16' range. The top of the top layer of wood is caked in about 100 years of dust and crud. There's a lot of wood up there! Just wondering what you wood folks think of it - is it worth selling and just replacing the floors, that haven't been used in 140 years, with some sheets of plywood? Is it best to rip it all out and try to sell it in one shot? I'm just not sure how to proceed - or the best way to proceed - and hoping you'all might have some solid suggestions?! Below is a picture of an 8" piece I cut from a loose piece that was in the rafters. I cleaned it up a bit and sanded a small section. Thanks for any help! Rob