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  1. Thanks for that information Chestnut. I guess I'm a bit cautious since it's my first woodworking project, but it's reassuring to know that most woods have tensile strength. Just have to avoid cheap pegboard! Good to know. The video uses MDF board with thickness of 6mm, so I'll be using 1/4" since I'm in the US.
  2. My first woodworking project. I've completed a large puzzle, dimensions ~ 62" x 42", and I'm interested in creating a "frameless" frame to mount it on the wall. The entire process can be seen here. The video uses pine DAR but I can't seem to find any locally. I've seen that furring strip is cheap and comes cut in dimensions I can easily work with. 1. Is furring strip "structurally" sturdy enough for me to use in this application? 2. Is there a specific name for the "x brace" pattern being used here?