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  1. 16 hours ago, Chestnut said:

    Wood as a material regardless of species has pretty good tensile strength (pulling strait along the grain) It has good compression strength it most directions.

    I don't know what the X bracing is called, as an engineer i just want to call it a truss.

    Thanks for that information Chestnut. I guess I'm a bit cautious since it's my first woodworking project, but it's reassuring to know that most woods have tensile strength. Just have to avoid cheap pegboard! 


    14 hours ago, K Cooper said:

    I think furring strips will work fine. Finding straight ones may be a chore. I didn’t notice from the video link, what they were attached to but assumed it was something other than poster board? 1/4” ply with the strips will give it plenty of rigidity. 

    Good to know. The video uses MDF board with thickness of 6mm, so I'll be using 1/4" since I'm in the US.

  2. My first woodworking project. I've completed a large puzzle, dimensions ~ 62" x 42", and I'm interested in creating a "frameless" frame to mount it on the wall. The entire process can be seen here. The video uses pine DAR but I can't seem to find any locally. I've seen that furring strip is cheap and comes cut in dimensions I can easily work with. 

     1. Is furring strip "structurally" sturdy enough for me to use in this application?
     2. Is there a specific name for the "x brace" pattern being used here?


    2019-08-20 14_57_42-How to Complete, Frame and Seal a Large Puzzle - YouTube.jpg