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    Complete beginner would like to eventually learn case work, as well some fine furniture that I could possibly pass to my kids one day
  1. Dang. Just browsed their website. a man could go broke reading this thread and all the cool stuff in it
  2. I was under the wrong impression. After 2, I now have a clear understanding Sure as hell happens a lot easier when you’re not trying. Took 5 months with the first. We got two nights in month and half span that we successfully got my daughter to sleep in her crib instead of our room. Turns out we celebrated just a little too much.
  3. For the moment I’m just cobbling together a rearrangement of existing cabinets for a new layout of the kitchen, and I have 2 spots where I need to build non-standard sized cabinets I’ve already built one upper cabinet, it isn’t pretty but it gets the job done. I did pocket screws to hold back sides and face frame on, dado’d for the bottom and top. Someone already pointed out that I did it “wrong” in the way my back is solid plywood, I didn’t inset the back and use a piece of 1/2” ply at top and bottom for screwing to wall. My biggest obstacle now is I can’t figure out wh
  4. Haha! that’s what got us in to the current situation. Always agreed 2 kids, maybe 3 keeping an open mind for what life brings. # 2 just came about a yr and a half before my wife wanted because, well, life! Unorganized chaos, that’s what a 20 month and 3 month is.
  5. It’a slooowww road, I picked the wrong time in life to start a hobby I have no previous experience in. With two kids under two, I barely have enough time to finish a thought let alone cut a piece of wood. But I do manage to squeak 30 min here or there when something absolutely needs done, and I usually spend the last hr of my night winding down reading the net soaking up info in hopes one day I might actually be able to put the stuff I’m reading to good use. Thank you guys for the quick responses!
  6. Solved! If I would’ve went just a bit further before I posted, I would’ve found it. My memory of the thread is a bit off, but this is the one I was referring too, with bob Lang being the book I wanted.
  7. Hello, first post, but I’ve been reading the site for several months. I was reading a post where I believe a member was asking for help on kitchen cabinets, and another member had replied and directed the op to a cabinet construction book he had just released. I thought I favorited the link for a future purchase, but I must not have. I’d like to find it again so I can add it to a Xmas gift list for my family. Does this book ring any bells to anyone, and if so could point me to it? I don’t remember what subforum it was in, but I believe Ive been at least 75 page