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  1. Thank you Mick, I was indeed going with 4 hinges per door to give it extra bracing and also to support the weight to prevent any sagging! Thanks for the reassurance!
  2. Hey guys,I realise this may be fairly obvious I just haven't attempted one this size before so please bear with me!I'm looking at making some wardrobe doors .. 6 at 2400 x 600.. shaker style maybe with one rail through the middle.When I make them for kitchens i generally use 75x20mm pine with a 6mm groove in the middle which i inlay with mdf then gets sprayed etc... I'm just wondering if using this method the doors would bow over time due to the height... totally open to suggestions and any advice would be great! Also I apologise for the use of the metric measurements! Its how we do it in Nz!