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    Hobbyist with more tools than expertise. Cabinets, children's toys, and the odd whimsical project. Simply new at it, and haven't a great deal of insight yet.

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  1. Refnump

    Older Jet saw

    Thanks, Highlander. This is a solution I had considered, but had not yet undertaken. As the work converting the garage into a shop - wiring, insulation, heating, lighting, etc. - is nearing completion, it was an issue I knew would be needed to deal with very early on. Alas, day/s of reckoning is/are imminent. I'm confident blade and fence are aligned well, but if you have quick-and-dirty tutorial for alignment, I'd be greatly appreciative.
  2. Refnump

    Older Jet saw

    I'm retired, and a hobbyist woodworker. I have an older Jet 10" contractor table saw which I bought used, and which does not have, nor has it ever had if my research has been accurate, a splitter or riving knife. I know there are small splitter tabs which can be, with some effort, imbedded into insert plates, but I would prefer something more robust, like a riving knife. I do not have access to another saw to see how one might be manufactured, nor do I have the wherewithal to replace the saw. Any suggestions? Tim B.