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  1. I didn't think about that. Good suggestion. I actually found a pic of what I'd really like. The guy that used it said he did a custom blend and called it "weathered walnut". I know I can't get exactly this color, but something close to it would be great. I know he uses minwax but haven't heard back yet about what was used to get this color. He was actually going to make me a tv stand but then moved away. He is so talented. I admire anyone that can create such beautiful furniture!
  2. That would be great to try out a bunch of them. I never heard of this but I could always ask. I had a feeling the torched looked would be unpredictable...especially if someone is making my piece and would be the one doing it. I don't think he'd want to take a chance with it coming out differently than was planned!
  3. The stains I have are the oil based penetrating stains. I don't think they have dye in them? Which brands do you prefer?
  4. I appreciate your explanation. I always learn I appreciate your explanation and maybe I misinterpreted your remarks. I do you have several pieces of wood at home and just started experimenting today but started to get overwhelmed and frustrated so I decided to take a step back and see if I could learn more and get some other ideas and suggestions. I didn't realize that the grit size made a difference in color. That is very useful info! I have heard about danish oil but haven't seen to many pics of it on furniture. I don't see a lot of the other brands used as much or at least where people making/selling farmhouse/rustic style furniture. They usually used minwax and they let you choose from the stain colors they offer.
  5. I don't have a particular reason to use minwax other than thats what the guy who is making my table uses. I am sure if I asked for a different brand he would use it. What would you recommend? Oh...and thanks so much for sharing the videos. I will check them out!
  6. Sorry I had no idea what you were trying to highlight in your picture. I am not trying to split hairs over colors either. I was trying to get an idea of how different stains would look on pine. I am very familiar with the displays at stores and they are not very helpful when you are using actual wood at home. I realize screens can alter the look somewhat, but it is more helpful than a display at a store. I am not trying to get into an argument over wood stain colors. LOL. Life is too short. I appreciate anyone in the group that can share their knowledge in a helpful and supportive way so that I can learn.
  7. What do you think was used to get this look? I have seem some pics of tables done in early american or special walnut and they look good, but when I test out the stain they looks so dull to me. I love the wood in the last picture but it's a walnut wood but if I could get a stain to look like that on pine it would be beautiful!
  8. Thanks, your picture looks very orange to me. I prefer more of the brown or golden brown shades. Do you think the third picture was burned wood? I really like it but not sure how to get this look.
  9. I am having a farmhouse/rustic tv stand made for me but having trouble finding the right stain color. He is going to be using yellow pine, but the wood pieces that are more white. The stain will be minwax. I have a few colors/pictures that I like, but not sure what they are. Some are a mix of colors I'm sure. Here are some colors I like but am open to other ideas. I don't like the real dark stains. My coffee table is a mix of special walnut, early american and dark walnut, but I can't remember the exact amounts and the wood was spruce, so I know it will take the color differently. The last picture is my coffee table. I tried the weathered oak on a test piece but it came up very light. I wonder how it would look mixed with another stain to darken it up. I am overwhelmed with all of the mixing and trying out of colors so any pics or suggestions would be great! Thanks.