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  1. Thanks for the input. Harbor Freight currently has a heat gun on sale. That may be my answer. As to a Festool, I'm retired and my income/budget would never have that kind of wiggle room. My brother-in-law came to visit this past summer and he brought his Domino with him so I could use it on a project that has been stalled due to my need for the Domino. (Long story, shortened: I was building a table in a wood working class when a small disaster (not caused by me, but by school personnel moving my project haphazardly) greatly slowed the progress of my project. Corrective surgery on the project resulted in the semester running out with the project unfinished. I can't repeat the class, but I can spend $350 to take a non-focused class where I would have access to a Domino, but that seems a little steep for 16 mortises. Hence, the brother-in-law solution. I'll watch the video link and see if any inspiration resides there. Thanks to all.
  2. The hose-clamped fittings imply a level of permanency. I have to change hoses from machine to machine. Fortuitously, none are too tight, they all seem to have some degree of "looseness." I have the Rockler small tool hose and I had to 'pad' my PC sander to get a snug enough fit, but it does work well for it, my belt sander, and my Leigh router jig dust collector attachment. It's the big (ger) fittings that are the problem. By the way, my garbage can top from Woodcraft seals very well around the rim with a foam ring. My only problem with it has been the inner elbow kept falling out of the lid fitting. I've fixed it with tape, for now, but, since that is the only use for that elbow, I may just put a couple of self-tapping screws for a 'final solution.'
  3. My shop consists of my driveway and about half my garage. All my power equipment is on wheels. I must, perforce, connect to my dust collector with flexible hoses Why is it that the fittings I buy to make my various connections don't fit, even if I buy them from the same vendor? I recently purchased a garbage can lid type separator. It consists of two pieces (the lid and an elbow), presumably from the same manufacturer. The elbow wouldn't stay in the lid! I had to put layers of painter's tape around the fitting to get it to defy the force of gravity inside the garbage can. I've had the same, or similar, problems with other pieces of my equipment in both 4" and 2 1/2" sizes. I'm tired of turning on the collector, then the tool and watching the hose drop blithely to the ground. Does anybody have a reliable solution, short of glue or screws?