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  1. Love it! Brought a smile to my face. I bet your grandson loves it
  2. 2 or 300 years ago i had a craftsman drill press with just the clamp. Sears sold a gear mechanism update for it. Simply clamp the gear to the post. Cant remember how the crank handle attached. It actually worked great and was easy to attach. Point is there may be information and parts available. Possibly craigs list or the other usual suspects.
  3. I have had PEC squares for several years. Was happy with it until I dropped one of them once too often. Since this one had some sentimental value I thought I would buy the broken part. After calling PEC they, promised to send me the part (this happened several times), gave me the phone # for a part supplier, who never answered the phone and never returned several calls. Etc etc. i finally bought a new square from Harry Epstein, used parts from that to put into the sentimental square. Simply put PEC has a good product but terrible customer service.
  4. I have used Rocklers dust rite connectors, combined with their small tool dust accessories. I have had great luck with them. I have used them for 2 years now, no breakage, no hoses falling out. They fit all of my round dust collection ports (except my hitachi miter saw). To adapt the small tool accessories to my vacuum I need the plumbing adapter shown by higtron. I had tried the fazlok system from Woodworkers supply. Liked the quality better than Rocklers but the fazlok “system” is very incomplete, very few of my machines fit it. With regards to that garbage can lid, I bought a similar thing from Grizzly, same issue you had, took tons of tape to stop the air leaks. Don’t know why it is so hard to make a garbage can lid that doesn't leak air.