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  1. Thats great thank you. I think you are right i must have put it on too thick on the top. I will let it cure a couple more days and keep buffing it. Thank you for all your input and the info. Its nice to have pretty new at using Danish oil.
  2. Thank you for the feedback. I did check this morning and it was not as bad. I think its taking a while to cure in the flecks. The rest of it is has less flex so i am assuming thats why the top is taking longer. I will give it a couple more days before i install. One other question for you add paste wax after the danish oil?
  3. Yes...i agree...any suggestions? It only appears when i wipe in one direction. Its like its coming out of the flecks. Not sure if the top just needs more time to cure...does it need a good buff?
  4. I need to screw it on and plug it so i wanted to finish the top and face after that
  5. I havent installed it yet. I was going to install in tomorrow and do a final coat on the face and top
  6. I wiped down the entire matle wirh a clothe and vacuumed it and coated the entire mantle at the same time
  7. It is a new project. It was sanded and wiped down
  8. I have a danish oil question. I used tried and true danish oil on a walnut mantle. I ve applied 3 coats to the side and bottom(24 hrs between) and 2 coats on the face and top(48 hrs apart). For some reason the top is gummy/crystalized. I noticed it when i was wiping. Its finish when i wipe in one direction and whitish when i wipe in the oposite. It did this on the first coat also but i didnt think it was a problem. What can i do??