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  1. Went to my local woodworking store and picked up two Freud blades. One for ripping, 25T, and a fusion combo blade. THey were on sale for 20% off so i couldn't not buy them lol. I think this should cover most of the types of work i want to work on currently. But i do need to pick up a 80T blade sometime soon as i am going to be working with Plywood alot as well. Thanks for the advice. I am thinking that the freud should be more than enough for the types of work i am going to be doing. No super fine woodworking right now.
  2. Thanks for the feedback. I will probably be picking one up. Good place to start from and add as i need and get more experience.
  3. Gee, For the most part, at least right now, its going to be alot of plywood. But i am looking to start working with some harder woods, like maple and walnut for some smaller projects. Also i have a 1.75 HP powermatic. I was looking at freud but some of my woodworking friends have told me to not go that route as they have not had good experience with them. Mostly not keeping a sharp blade and needing to sharpen them alot more than expected.
  4. First, thank you for any comments and feedback on this, it is always appreciated. I am a proud owner of a new table saw and it did not come with a bade. So i am looking for recommendations on blades that are, for the most part, general purpose blade. I have borrowed my father in laws CMT blade and it is pretty darn good giving me a nice clean cut with minimal to no tear out. I have been told that forrest blades are pretty much the best and to go with the woodworker II. Looking at the price i almost fell over. I am glad to buy good quality tools, but the 40 tooth one is around 150$. Just wanted to know what others were using with good results and dont lose their edge to quickly.
  5. Safety is definitely top here. Latest pictures are with the blade gaurd with riving knife. Pretty great design and cuts down on the dust to. Came wit a push stick but probably going to make a few myself as well.
  6. Certainly! Its an outlet in auburn washington. I found them because they sell a lot of their dent and ding they recive on craigslist. Mine has a little scuff on the main cast iron where a a throw plate had rubbed during shipping. Good news for me. Tonight i went about setting everything up and getting everything square and parallel. The only thing that took time was that the blade was not parallel to the miter slots. Took about an hour and a rubber mallet, but have it as straight as i think is humanly possible. Just a little wiggle back and forth from my dial indicator. But everything else was so easy to get square and true. Of course i had to do the nickel test which it passed with flying colors.
  7. Sooo i may have done something.... I was about to go and just pickup a rigid from home depot, when i called the outlet one more time. They have a PM1000 ready to go if i want it. My wife, two kids jump in the car, rent a trailer and drove 3 hours to go get it. So happy to finally have a table saw. Cost of saw, 1350$ not to shabby. Thank you everyone for the comments and direction. The saw stop was just to far out of the budget. Maybe one day.
  8. I actually found a place within a decent drive from me that gets in demo units from powermatic. Called the guy and he has me on a list when a powermatic table saw comes in. They sell them for almost 50 %. Thinking this may be the way to go.
  9. Budget is 2-2500. So puts me in the middle of the road for some of the models talked about. I was thinking about doing the SS contractors table but a lot of people have pushed me away from that to move up to the PCS model.
  10. Thanks Chet, That makes me feel better, as when you are spending that much money you want to make sure the saw will fill your needs. that makes me feel alittle better about possibly going with the lower 1.75 PCS model.
  11. Gee, that was another path that i have thought about, power and HP. I know everyone has their own opinion on that, but from what i have read i think i only need a 1.75 HP for now. I do plan on working with some harder woods but have seen that if you have a decently slow feed rate, and use a thin kerf blade i should be fine for most of what i would want to do. I also do plan on adding additional power as i only have 110 currently. Legend, thanks for the hint. I have never done that but will keep an eye on it. Also i have no plans on my 4 year old using any power tools for a while, let alone the table saw. I just know that he is very interested in what i am doing, so having something that is a backup for a horrible accident i cannot argue with to much. In our house we have a rule that if i am using a large power tool, no kids, and any conversations or anything that would grab my attention needs to wait till i am finished with what i am doing. Safe shop practices are a necessity with kids around.
  12. Thanks Gee, i am one of those people that want to know everything about something and make sure i get a good deal, and a good tool. All the main names, SS, Powermatic and such i know i will not go wrong. As i said just a second ago, the used market here is pretty poor. I am half thinking to go drive over to seattle to go pickup something as their craigslist market is much better than over here.
  13. Thanks SawDustB, I am sort of in the same mindset you are. I usually really like to buy the best if i can afford it, but am having a hard time dropping the $$ on a SS before i really get my woodworking legs. Have you found that your Ridgid has done everything that you need it to and is accurate enough?? I think i am just over thinking it and really want to get going on some projects and deciding on a saw seems to have just halted the train, so to speak. I would be fine picking up a used saw off of Craigs list, but in my area finding anything is a rare case.
  14. First off, thanks anyone who takes the time to read this and give me their opinion. So i am an aspiring wood worker with little experience but a lot of passion for working with wood. I have recently purchased a home and am looking forward to making most of the remaining pieces of furniture myself. Issue i have is deciding on a table saw. I have always bought the best possible tools as i want things to last as long as possible. My concerns are of course price, Quality and precision. My other concern is safety. I have a 4 year old that loves working with me and i want it to be as safe as possible. So naturally i have leaned towards the saw stops. Being what they are, they are of course pricey, but has some piece of mind with my son being around. What i really need is some perspective. Am i over thinking this and saving for a saw that i do not need in my current wood working skill? Will a smaller Delta or rigid do a good enough job until i gain some experience and time, then upgrade to the big boy saws?? wanted to know from some more experienced wood workers that are happy with other brands and some feedback. Also quickly i am mostly looking to be building tables, and furniture with the hopes of eventually selling some pieces. Again thanks for your time an opinions. Please ask any questions you may have and i would be happy to answer.