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  1. hello, sorry, "rabot" is the planer (french word)... I do not used the jointer a lot, which is why I have it on the side, however, I do use the planer a LOT! U guess my boards are usually straight enough that I do not need to use the Jointer much... anyhow, it is my perception that, on the jointer, you can not put boards longer than twice the jointer length (give or take), so this means that I do not need that much in/outfeed space... is this not a correct reasoning? Cyrille
  2. hello, I am working on building a workshop, it will have a 5.6*4.6m (17*14ft) inside dimensions... My "problem" is trying trying to place the various items in the shop (which I need to do ahead of time as I want to bury power and dust collection pipes)... Since I am at the design phase, I can do prety much what I want, which is nice! however, I have a hard time thinking how to organize the various items... Hence asking for help here!!!! I need to place the following items (by order of most to least used): Rigid table saw: 160*100cm tool box: 50*70cm planer: 70