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  1. Ok so I have a black and Decker table saw firestorm is the brand and after replaced the saw blade I plugged it back in and it was on. So I went to turn it off and it’s in the off position. Switch quit working. Immediately unplugged it. Pushed reset only won’t reset. Saw is stuck on! Any ideas on how to fix this? Checked online and found nothing! This happened one other time when I was cutting a lot of wood repeatedly but it fixed itself.
  2. Also this happened once before but it fixed itself on its own so not sure if it’s a typical issue or maybe I did something wrong. The nut was very rusty so I sprayed a little wd40 on the nut to loosen it up some
  3. Changed my table saw blade, plugged it in, and it was on already. Went to turn it off and it was off. Now I have to unplug the cord to turn it off. Why? Dont understand how changing the saw blade caused this to happen and also have no clue how to fix it. Any ideas?? black n Decker firestorm table saw