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  1. I've had the Bosch since it came out. It's as accurate as the day I set it up. The knuckles on the arms have user adjustable tension, something slide rails & bearings do not. I think the Bosch arms will have better longevity.
  2. Very cool boom. I had made a wall mounted boom from scrap plywood years ago. It was great, but with a shop reorganization I had to give it up. I recently re-built it to fit on my CT 22. With the shop made sander rack which it attached to it, I think it's much better than the factory made option.
  3. Looks like you're making good (and slow) progress. I'm eager to see it fully assembled. Should make a nice jounter.
  4. I'm not familiar with the finish, but as for the crack, I agree with using epoxy. Stabilize the crack, then rip away.
  5. Great bench. Do you like the hose as is? Would you consider adding a boom to the side to hold the hose up?
  6. Looks great to me. Function over aesthetics every time.
  7. The Bride claimed it for her own, but alas, they drove off.
  8. The board presentation went well. It was loved by the Bride, Groom & wedding attendees.
  9. It certainly looks like you received the first version. That said, what changes were made? From the photos the only difference I can see is the labeling.
  10. Thanks. That's how I finish most gifts.