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  1. Yeah a Northfield would be something alright. I mentioned I had a healthy budget not an unlimited one . The saw is coming up.the drive as I write this. I’ll be back in touch tonight or tomorrow with pictures when I finish proofing it (setting it up) that’s what we used to say, as in, “don’t bother mess’n with that machine Billy proofed it yesterday” set it up or proof it I’ll let you know how it goes
  2. Hello all. I’m new on these pages although I’ve been reading you folk for quite some time. I’m a pro. For the last forty odd years I’ve been primarily a builder, homes for the most part, also a cabinetmaker, stair maker , and maker of fine furniture when time allows. For all of my working life I have supported myself working with wood. No claim to fame or that of being a master anything, just a guy who really knows his way around a job site or a shop and is comfortable in either or both, a bit old school in my ways and thinking. so to the meat of this thread. New table saw for the shop. This won’t be my first saw by any means, I’m hopeful it will be my last. I want a well built heavy saw with a nice flat table a good fence and a lot of power. That is really what a good table saw is, nothing more nothing less. All the technology, bells and whistles add nothing to a saw without the first three thing’s mentioned. After a lot of soul searching, no brand loyalty, and a healthy budget, I zeroed in on a Grizzly G1023rlwx 5 HP. It is being delivered tomorrow. The only thing I might not be completely satisfied with might be the fence, no micro adjustment for one thing. I have indeed worked over one of these machines and was impressed. Hope I made a wise choice.