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  1. Most will be BBQ wood. However, one large piece and a few others going thru the mill. Looking forward to it.
  2. Rocko

    Miter saw

    Was browsing through old threads as I am saving for a miter saw. It seemed the thread I found was talking a fee gens back of saws. Really leaning towards 12" SCM. With the advancement in manufacturing, have 12" saw deflection been solved? Don't mind going 10" SCM just don't want to regret not having the extra capacity. Thanks
  3. Rocko

    New stain

    May try this on future projects. However, I started finishing yesterday. End result coming soon!
  4. Rocko

    New stain

    It's for my bride fellas. Thjs what she asked for. But while we're on the topic of applying stain... Maybe i don't quite understand stain like I thought. What is stains purpose? Or grade of lumber? Slabs? Etc...
  5. Rocko

    New stain

    The wood seemed to absorb the water base quicker than the oil base.
  6. Rocko

    New stain

    Picked up some new stain shades today. Expresso (gramatically incorrect on purpose) and Tobacco.
  7. Yes learning to use them properly. Need to redo planer jig. Plan on joiner jig.
  8. 10-4 thank you for the advice
  9. Believe my wife will finish it. But if I have anything to say.... classic grey stain bottom. Top dark stain. Maybe expresso, tobacco, etc...
  10. Knocking out a entry table for my bride.