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  1. I have 3 and they do their jobs. But yeah I hear ya
  2. Update: fence was in towards blade maybe a 1/16 on tail end. Squared it to miter front and back. Blade appears square to miter track also. Used combunation to check both. I haven't checked to cursor window yet but will do so.
  3. I've searched threads and maybe using wrong search words but... Do you measure from edge of bit the edge of router base plate to set straight edge? Miter station in the future. Going t-track rather a fence
  4. Rocko

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    Not sure I remember that. What year? I'm native as of '03.
  5. Hard wire, plug in, or batteries?
  6. Rocko

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    Fort Smith area U bet
  7. Thinking table top with metal legs... really see what happens when I get them milled out.
  8. Thanks wtnhighlander. It's glass with sheet metal underneath.
  9. LEDs for sure also shop doubles, well as a shop HAHA I'll be making a cart for shop vac dustopper soon also. Miter station there after. I'll integrate kreg k5 after that. With drill press. All at miter station. Not sure how all that will tie together but I'll figure it out.
  10. May be a little late weighing in but I just a delta 36-725 Table saw at Lowes (VA discount) for $600. Huge upgrade in my shop. I'd look intoa new table saw rather a used one that you're u sure of. I've started my own little business. Wish you all the best.
  11. The half lap table was my 1st. It's hard when you don't have a dado blade yet. Thank you
  12. Cool thanks. Yeah figured with new blades I would need to check measurement again. This applies to single blade operations right? Not dado?
  13. Ok thank you. I figured there was a slight adjustment somewhere. I'll check the fence. This saw is a huge upgrade to prior saw. The t-fence is incredible.