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  1. Honestly since I bought the lathe all the other woodwork has pretty much stopped. It’s so addicting. It’s nice to just create versus measuring 3 times and cutting a piece only to be 1/32 off and it looks like crap. Haha
  2. Chestnut wins! That’s what I decided to do. Got it all laid out. Gonna cut it out and sand this weekend.
  3. I thought about doing the table in a dark, dark stain. The benches I make will have the dark top and painted base. Not sure how that would look.
  4. Now if I could just figure out why my pictures are sideways? Haha glad to be here!
  5. Hi everyone. I have been turning for about 3 years. It’s a true love of mine. I recently had a son and so I have not been in the shop much lately. Glad to be on the site.
  6. I am a turner that started out on carbide and then switched to traditional. My advice is to make a piece with carbide. That way you get the satisfaction of a completed job. In the meantime buy a bowl gouge from Thompson wood tools. Invest in a good grinder and Wolverine sharpening jig. Learn to sharpen because if you don’t, traditional tools will only make you mad. Once I got traditional tools down, I have never picked up the carbide tools since. You get a much better finish from a sharp tool.
  7. I was thinking about cutting the middle part out of each leg and making it an hour glass shape. Making a new stretcher altogether. Not sure. Just throwing ideas around. I think even a more modern stain color would make the piece look better.
  8. So I inherited a table that my grandfather made his sister in the 80’s. It’s a drop leaf trestle table made out of pine. It’s special to me because my grandfather died 25 years ago and he always wanted me to help in the shop and learn but I was a kid and always too busy. I want to keep it for myself and put in our kitchen but it’s a little outdated and I am not a fan of the design. Any ideas to change it a little without messing up the original piece. I thought about staining it as dark as I could get it and then make curly maple wedges that go into the stringer. Also making benches to go with it. Any help would be appreciated.