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  1. "Grund" -dispersion primer "In contrast to conventional paints, the feel and appearance continue to be reminiscent of a raw, finely ground wood. The best result is achieved with a previous primer by Bona White. Enjoy the feeling of natural wood."
  2. It seems to me that Americans have a better experience with shellac than in Europe, so I raised the topic. I am happy with the information I have received from you so far.
  3. What if I make myself shellac diluted in alcohol? will the alcohol evaporate and shellac remain on the wood surface? I mean to apply shellac so that it naturally covers the wood surface, lightly polish, then grund under the varnish, and then 2 layers of varnish, e.g. Bona Mega Natural Ultra matt./with an appropriate interval between application What if I want to mix shellac with amber fossil resin, or after applying shellac apply a thin layer of fossil resin, and then only grund under varnish, and 2x ultra matt varnish (effect of raw wood)?
  4. Thank you for your answer. is really helpful due to the fact that I have to give guarantees to my end customer.
  5. Hello, I want to emphasize the beauty of oak wood by applying 1-2 layers of shellac. Then 1x grund under the varnish, then 2x ultra varnish. Anyone has experience in applying shellac to the floorboard and then varnish? Smoked floor board 16x300x3000mm