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  1. I thank each of you who took the time to respond. To G Ragatz: Thanks for taking the time to examine my images. I might be mislabeling things, but my thinking is that I included pics of two spring latches and their catches currently on the door. They function like a charm. Don’t want to take away from the look of the armoire. Must have an additional sort of a latching mechanism, though, as the doors fall open without that. Thinking about using shims, though, to reduce the likelihood of that. Thanks for the heads-up about Van Dyke. Was actually on the phone with them earlier today. Found a key, lock, escutcheon set that looked like it would be perfect. Wanted to take a more thorough look at all of the hardware first and hear from people who might be a little more knowledgeable then customer service. Nice lady, but sounded like she didn’t know enough to help. To Tom King: Thanks, again, for taking the time to examine my images. Had already googled eschutcheon and found great sources like Van Dyke. I wanted the direct human touch :-) in solving this problem. I figured that someone else has encountered a problem like this can could offer extra guidance. I was right. Will continue to check this thread, but thanks to all who have responded so far.
  2. Hi, I purchased a lovely Armoire at a yard sale, so I don’t know it’s history or value. I do know that someone wanted to lock the doors. (Otherwise, both just swing open.) I have included a composite picture of 1) the remaining original hardware and 2) the current state of the lock. Can you help me fix this? Thanks in advance.