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  1. Thanks so much everybody! I'm guessing it is veneer! You get what you pay for, right? I do appreciate ya'll trying to help!
  2. I sanded it down originally to almost a white color before I put any stain on it. The attached pictures show the table now with 3 coats of General Finishes Oil based stain in Brown Mahogany color. Obviously, this is not acceptable! If I sand down (using 220 grit), can I just go darker with the Java color and hope it covers? Or do I put shellac on it and then stain? If I have to put shellac on it.... how long does it take shellac to dry ? I'm a novice at this (like you can't tell) so talk to me like I'm a 9 year old. (I'm not putting myself down put right now but after all the work sanding and staining, this is how I'm feeling right now)! I appreciate any help I can get! Barb
  3. I'm not quite sure what the original wood was. It almost looks like it was a combination of woods. I sanded my dining table down to almost a white finish. I applied a slip coat of mineral spirits and then the Gel stain Brown Mahogany gel stain. I waited 24-48 hours and applied a second coat. This wasn't the color I hoped for (again accepting the color differently according to the wood) so I waited again and applied a third coat. It looks as if each kind of wood accepted it differently again????? What can I do? I thought about going out and buying the Java gel stain and just going darker hoping that it will cover it. Would I have to lightly sand (220) the whole table first? I'm kind of at my wits end. I followed the instructions to a tee from the General Finishes site so I don't know what to do! Please advise!