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  1. Hah, the only reason I’m entertaining it is I have a lead on a heavily discounted, lightly used demo model of the Laguna F2. The new generation has vastly superior dust control though, so I may go for a new 3 regardless of how the 2 feels.
  2. Okay, this sounds pretty clear, that makes sense. I’ll be running 220 to the saw. I would likely convert even the 2 (1.75)hp model to 220 as well, even though the gains seem limited. I’ll have the chance to test the 2hp in person so I can decide there whether 3hp is the way to go. I expect so. Thanks everyone!
  3. Hi there, I’m looking around for a cabinet table saw and am going through the classic horsepower decision making. My question isn’t so much how much do I need, but rather, where in the spectrum is my current saw. I have a Bosch 4100 (latest generation, purchased 2017) portable contractor saw that is purportedly putting out 4hp. It is a 15A 110V-60Hz saw that does 3650rpm. I’m looking at either 1.75 or 3hp cabinet saws for increased infeed and rip capacity and everything I’ve read suggests that 3hp is at the upper end of hobbyist use saws, which makes sense with the pricing, but I’m left wondering what change in performance I can expect coming from this apparent 4hp. Is this an RPM thing? What else might I not be realizing here? Thanks for any input!