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  1. I have my table saw and jointer planer combo receptacles on my ceiling, over the tools. I was watching a Vondriska video and he had an approximately 3 ft to 4 ft cord hang down then just plugged the tools into that. Currently I use a ladder to plug each one in when needed. Was a safety measure to help with the kids running through the garage shop and not wanting the machines powered all the time. I have next to no electrical knowledge and was wondering if those extensions can be bought or if they have to be made. Thank you, John
  2. The Jet 3hp is rated too on most google review websites, it is currently $300 off with free shipping. Was considering the mini gorilla for my small shop, saw stop 3hp- grizzly 12 inch jointer/planer, but after shipping can get a 3hp for the same price. Does anyone have a recommendation or review of the Het 3hp?
  3. Thanks for the responses. Does anyone have any experience with the Laguna p flux? Thinking 3hp, says nominal cfm at 2817, SP at 11.2 inches. Cone is not very tall, would it clog a lot?
  4. Hi, i have a small shop with a 3 hp Sawstop and a 12 inch Grizzly jointer planet combo. Been looking for a good cyclone dust collector due to sharing the garage with the laundry area. The amount of information and opinions on the web are dizzying. I have been leaning towards the Ineida dust gorilla mini and do not want to run duct work so will go machine to machine. Is this my best option? The CFM is low at 570 ish with a 10 foot hose. Do I need to be looking at 3hp or will the gorilla pull enough fine dust? Thanks John