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  1. Happened to me about 15 years ago at a customers shop. Apparently somebody before me took all the blades out and started to replace them one by one. When they tightened to first knife there was no support from the opposite knife and the cutter head split along the axis. luckily I always keep my head below the bed when starting just for this reason . Morale of the story is never take out all the blades at once and if the gib screws are getting worn then replace them.
  2. Run caps are usually under 100uF and starts caps are above 200uF. The start cap has to shut off after 2/3 rotational speed is reached and this usually involves a centrifugal switch inside the back of the motor. Pull the fan housing, fan and end cover off the motor and clean off contact points with a dollar bill (high lint content), never use sandpapers. Check with a meter if you have one. I don't usually work on Laguna as these are considered residential but the concept is the same. If the mounting is not the same you can buy caps with mounting through Zoro.com
  3. This is my little corner in my shop. All of the machines are out of the shot as I rarely use them. I make less mistakes and can catch them earlier if I do things by hand. I found one of my mistakes is letting my avocation become my vocation. My father told me this years ago. Didn't believe it at the time of doing woodworking for a business, but I understand it now as a hobby.