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  1. It’s regular poly. They are cotton t-shirts i’m using. I will have to through the rest in a washer and crazy wash them. I never used wipe on poly. I always just used regular and wiped it on with no issues until now. How do I thin regular poly? The t-shirts you mean? They have been washed several times. I will have to throw them all back in the washer.
  2. I am applying polyurethane to the top of a table and I am using a white tee shirt but keep getting lint crazy all over the table. What am I doing wrong? Is there such thing as lint free cloth? The table was cleaned and free of dust before I put it on. I tried a brush and it was bubbles all over. I put on a thin coat. I don’t know why I am having such a problem. What do I use to put this on? And how do I put the final coat on if I have to keep sanding because of the lint?
  3. Yes I checked with the square and 1x3 is not off as much as it’s showing in the photo, the 4x4 was fine. Everything was cut with a miter saw. I was thinking maybe attaching a thin piece of plywood to the frame then attaching that thin piece to the table? Would that make the legs stable? Or using the Kreg jig on the 4x4’s and screwing it to the top?
  4. I added photos to the post I added photos to the post. I added photos to the post
  5. We are building a breakfast table and working on the frame the legs are 4x4’s with support of 1x3’s going around. Using pocket screws and still can not get the 1x3 flush with 2of the 4x4’s making them wobbly, not stable and they are on an angle. What can we do to fix these? 2 4x4’s on one side are flush with the 1x3’s and sit right but the other side is not.