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  1. While its definitely a concern, how many people are utilizing it? Is it more important for someone in their shop 24-7? Obviously breathing in wood dust is harmful, but growing up we/I didnt know any better in my time at least. So my main question is when do you guys feel like you need it? To be clear let's hear from the guys with a dedicated wood shop. I understand if your shop is in the basement/ garage and dont want to get it in the house. Eventually I suppose it's a necessity, but when do you add it to your set up?
  2. There is room by all means. I just cant help but think the money spent on a 240v is overkill for me. Its money that can be spent elsewhere. With that being said only 2 of the saws I mentioned can be wired for 120v. One comes already and the other is an add on. Add one cost so....time to look at wire
  3. I've got it narrowed down to 3 grizzlys. G0771Z, G0833P, and the G1023RLW.
  4. Makita 18v LXT lithium. I use this driver all day. Albeit battery life becomes subjective after many, many charges. Like thousands. What I have found in regards to drill/drivers the batteries die out before the product. Like others have said stick with name brands.
  5. Just wanting to get some of the seasoned veterans opinions. I don't think the track saw is a replacement by any means. Just wondering if it could be a potential "go to" instead of the TS.
  6. So people "could' use a homemade track saw or an actual track saw for alot of the purposes we are all accustom to using a TS for? I know there are things the track saw cant do like dados, but there are ways around that. Not saying it's the best/simplest way, but ways.
  7. Its just a hobby for me, I've been out of the game for 20+ years and just finding time to get back into it. Alot has changed tool wise it feels like. G DUB, why have both?
  8. So I recently asked about table saws around $1000 or under. Now perhaps another dilemma....? I've been reading about track saws. In my opinion the pros are: portability, less space, and price. The cons: no dado, no work table, slower to set up. I'm sure theres more to both, but those stick out to me. Also, I went back a few pages in the power tools section and didnt see this question asked so I apologize now if I missed it. Didnt want to fire up an old thread either. So for those of you that have had experience with or without one or the other care to chime in on your experiences and hindsight? Oh, and I'll be cutting down sheet goods mostly for projects, but some ripping on 1x's as well. Thanks guys, Cap
  9. Havent pulled the trigger yet. Now you guys got me wondering about going to 220/240v. Dang you guys. Just kidding. Weighing new options with my current options. Thanks again
  10. Chet that's exactly it. I dont drive the the safest rated vehicle on the highway, that doesn't mean I'm careless. On the opposite side of that it only takes a fraction of a second to "mess up". And to clarify careless doesn't always mean negligence. Sometimes the unexpected happens I understand. Sometimes, not all the time, people that have a safety net act differenty or perform differently when they have that added insurance around anything that they may be doing. I think the 2hp or grizzly or 1-3/4hp SS are the 2 its gonna come down to at the end of the day. Just asking myself if the SS with the fence upgrade (not premium) is worth the added $1500.
  11. I'm not doubting the safety aspect of the SS at all. Its fantastic technology.
  12. So IF a guy was gonna buy a SS, where would be the best place to start looking. I'm only an hour or so from the Grizzly store which sells them too. Thanks
  13. I'm certain I have 110 outlets, I'll be the first to say I'm not an electrician, but those handle 120v if I'm correct. Sorry for the slight confusion. I have dedicated outlets on their own breakers as well.
  14. Everything so far seems to be Asian made. That's unfortunate