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  1. Thank you for all of the advice. Saturday we got everything ripped, stacked and stickered. It's in a heated area. The lumber is not construction grade. The lumber yard owner told me he switched supplier recently because this product is 95% clear but 30% of the cost of clear and all S4S.
  2. Good catch, sorry I was a bit unclear on the 56. I am picking up a partial order this weekend. I will get more later. This is enough for 14 tables. They will be 7 boards at 5 1/8" leaves me just under 36".
  3. I also forgot to ask, what are your feelings on pre-stain conditioner? Again, this is pine.
  4. I've been using a 80 tooth blade and it rips them pretty clean. So far everything is coming true according to my squares. If I end up with slight gaps it's ok because it just goes with the farm table look. To save time I'm using pocket screws for the glue up, I don't have nearly enough clamps. My storage area is climate controlled and I can store almost 30 completed tables. I plan on move 5 at a time out of storage and into the shop for finishing.
  5. My shop is big enough to do 5 at a time. 36" x 96" tables
  6. For after the wedding we have a few option: sell them to the barn venue, sell them to the rental place the barn recommends ( this gives them tables that fit the venue), or or can store them indoors climate controlled so I may just rent them out myself. If I rent them out 5 times I pay for the reception and table materials.
  7. No gaps. The problem with plywood is they don't look good as farm tables. Also the tables will 36" wide. I'm also installing 3 1/2" high aprons 4" in from the edges and bracing in the middle.
  8. I forgot to mention that I am also installing a 3 1/2" apron 4" from the edge and in the center. The top will be held down with Rok table clips.
  9. My daughter is getting married in a three months and she has asked me to make 24 farm tables for the reception. I don't have much time so I have to make sure every thing I do counts and no mistakes. The tops will be made out of #2 pine, from a real lumber yard not a box store so they are flat. I am using 1x12 and ripping it down to 5" pieces to reduce cupping. After the top boards are glues together I will be adding additional 1x to the edge to give the appearance of a 1 1/2" thick top, all matching the grain direction of the top. I am not bread-boarding the top. My question is, I am buying 56 - 1x12's this Saturday, to prevent cupping is it betting to rip these to 5" right away or leave at 12 until I'm ready to start on the next table? My shop is only big enough to build 2-3 at a time. Along with this, can I completely assemble all 24 of the tables and then stain & poly them all at the same time? This means some table may be unfinished for 1-2 months. They will be stored indoors.