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  1. Thankyou... I only run one machine at a time. Does that mean it is ok to have a 6" main line to 4 " then smaller drops?
  2. Thanks for the advise. I ask the question because I see different opinions on this. The following is from Bill Pentz' website: Ducting Reductions Unlike big industrial sites, most hobbyists should run the same sized ducting, fittings and hose right up to their machines. Don't do like many and run a 6" or 8" main trunk line then come off with smaller duct or flex hose.
  3. I have decided to purchase the 2HP 1550 cfm Shopfox and add a Wynn canister filter and a chip separator. Looking for advise as to whether to install a six inch or four inch main line. The machines it would be connected to are as follows: A 36 inch HF lathe with a hood A band saw with a 4 inch port A miter saw with a 2 1/2 inch port (and I will probably add a port for a hood) A Dewalt "job site" table saw with a 2 1/2 inch port. A six inch main line would need to be reduced to 4 inches then to 2 1/2 inches. Or just go with a four inch main line?
  4. I looked at that Grizzly model. That $99 freight charge is annoying. Too bad that model/price is not on Amazon prime!
  5. Thanks for the advise! It is a Dewalt table saw and Hitachi miter saw. With the current setup I do see some sanding dust float into the lathe hood. I don't have room for a planer. I only use the portable planer outside. I'm guessing the cost of a HF collector plus the Wynn canister filter and a super dust deputy would run $500-600. I might be reluctant to change out the impeller given the number of HF reviews on HF motors burning up. The Central Machinery dust collector reviews on Amazon aren't nearly as favorable as the HF Central Machinery dust collector reviews on the HF website. Putting a price tag on dust health risks may be folly, but can you provide thoughts on a reasonably priced dust collector system (under $1000) which would be an upgrade?
  6. For dust collection in a small shop I currently use a 6.5 peak HP Craftsman shop vac and cyclone separator with an eight foot 2 1/2" flexible hose run to a lathe, mitre saw and table saw. Because I'm not happy with the results I am considering an upgrade to a 4" inch run with dust collector capability over 1000 CFM...perhaps the Harbor Freight system. However my saws have 2 1/2" ports . According to an on line dust design recommendation, machines with less than a 3" port would be better off using a shop vac. Would a dust collector over 1000 CFM be an upgrade over my shop vac since I would need to concert 4" hose for 2 1/2" ports?