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  1. It will build up thickness as you apply more but it gallows the contour of the coat before it because each coat dissolves the coating under it. Causing one solid layer of finish. So you are correct in saying its won't fill a gap. At least not like a varnish or poly would.
  2. This would explain why the back and insides are much darker than the face. But why did the wood get much lighter as I stripped it?
  3. Guys I've been doing simple woodworking sense high school but I have finely found the determination to build my own shop from the ground up! Any professionals out there with tips on starting up would be great! The thing I have always struggled with most because of my lack of experience is identification when doing a refinish. I'm looking for suggestions on any books or some that might be helpful. Need help fast! Most of the jobs people want me to do is refinished and I hate to turn them away right now because I really need the money to build my business and hopefully start full time soon. Also I have this hutch right now that I am working on that smells like walnut but its way to light. The piece was made around 50s or 60s. Any help is great thanks guys!