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  1. I don`t flood the boards, however i apply oil on both sides the same time. I try do do it as evenly as possible. Also, I dry them sitting on their edges. I don glue small pieces together. It is always one piece of wood per a board. I even tried different brands for oil. I am really puzzled. The wood that I am using is kilned dried and I keep it it my workshop for a good week until I make boards from it.
  2. Hello All, I started to make cutting boards from black walnut. I flatten boards using the planer. Then when when i apply the mineral oil, the boards will warp overnight. It drives me crazy. I read lot of info regarding warped cutting boards but majority of time it is related to water contact. This is not my case. They warp after mineral oil application. Am I doing something wrong or boards will never be perfectly flat and I am just too picky? Any help is appreciated.