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  1. Thank you for the information and video about rubbing to a gloss finish. I is very informative. I am also going to try putting a couple of coats of epoxy on some scrapes and see how that works. I am making many of these coasters so it is a good idea... in my opinion to find the simplest procedure. Fred .
  2. I am looking for a sealer/gloss finish for Lilac wood. This wood has been drying for 17 years and is very attractive in color. I have made coasters out of some of it and haven't been able to get a gloss finish on the them without applying 3-5 coats of different types of finish. I have tried spray shellac, Polyurethane Gloss, and a type of spray that ---after 4 coats is nice,glossy and smooth. I realize that this wood is being used in the cross grain mode. I have been a woodworker for over 50 years and am still learning. I wonder what the options are out there, that would seal this end grain, short of using an Epoxy mixture ,and still maintain the color and still be able to look nice and smooth? I have sanded these, current coaster to a 400 grit and am going to try again, before I sanded some of them to 220 grit . Want to get this done cause I am donating them to a American Legion Auxiliary Christmas auction in two weeks. Remember.. It is what you learn after you know it all that counts. Thanks to my Mom when I was a kid. thank you all for any info . If I discover a solution to this, I will pass it on. Fred W