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    Been at it +40 years. Ended up on this site trying to learn how to use my Festool DF500 Domino thingy.

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  1. JDS is a now defunct dust collector company, but I suspect there are members here who still own their products. The control panel on my JDS 750ER died. This was a common problem 10 years back, and JDS used to just ship a replacement. Them being out of business makes that unlikely in my case, so I am looking for alternatives. The filter itself back in the day was top rated, and that part still works well. But turning it on via the control panel produces inconsistent results, if anything happens at all. I think I can just replace the control panel with a manual on/off switch and a spee
  2. Willie Nelson lost his house. I believe he had a pretty good lawyer. The Feds don't even like the Feds. No one I ever talked to at the IRS liked the IRS or their job. Most of the ones I knew were geologists and mineral landsmen refugees from the oil industry collapse in the mid-1980s (which tells you I am Olde). Probably they refreshed that with software engineers after 2000. I heard at one point there were +52,000 unemployed software types locally in 2001. You can burn thru a lot of auditors and always find recruits. Feds have good health benefits by the way, family coverage is decentl
  3. Believe it or not, both the IRS and state revenue love you Dave. At the state we very much wanted to see guys like you survive and thrive. America Can spell Entrepreneur. I did some contracting in IT after retirement, and did the whole business registration thing. At the time (decades ago)The Feds routinely did a no cost half day class on the whole process, and how to stay out of trouble. The earliest political struggles in the US were over taxes (the Whiskey Rebellion). But the attitude in the government is to not let the slackers have a cost advantage over the compliant. Governme
  4. Okay, in a previous existence I was closely associated with a state taxing authority. Hopefully everyone doing this reads this. Despite some very misinformed opinions the states are getting massively better at detecting tax evasion. In a majority of states they are now using a very, very good software package called AllTax by Fast Enterprises. Old local built tax applications are ancient history, and with them their major inadequacies. In the 2000 we exchanged data with the IRS once a quarter, via magnetic tape. By 2008 the tape had morphed into a nightly file transfer. Depending