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  1. THANK YOU all!! Sorry I haven't responded sooner, but I've been focused on getting the house packed up for the move. I really appreciate all this information - I was familiar with Timber Hardwoods in Mesa - when I would visit in years past, I always enjoyed going through Timber and seeing what they had, both in lumber and machinery. Hey, if it takes a 3 hr round trip to get what I need, so be it, and if it's a little more expensive, that's the price of being warm and dry year around! Even now in Pennsylvania, I travel 2 hrs round trip to my lumber supplier. I did go through King Mesquite the last time I was in Tucson - I was really impressed. Being an AZ native, I always wanted to work with mesquite, so this will be my opportunity. I would have thought up north, out of Flagstaff or Payson there might be a mill or lumber source. Even though it's a drive, it maybe worth it to pick up a good sized amount for future use. Thank you all for your kind help - I'll be back with you when we get there and I get set up - shop is going to be a "1/2 garage" (240 sf) shop instead of 1,000 sf in my basement, so I have a lot of work ahead to get that set up. Rockshox, I'll PM you when I get there and get set up and maybe we can get together and talk woodworking!
  2. I'm moving to the Tucson, AZ area. I've done some preliminary searches for lumber sources in Tucson, but it doesn't look like there are many. I get it, it's a desert, but wondering if there are any stores/dealers/saw mills in the area, or where I have to go to get lumber. Any help would be appreciated -