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  1. Photo paper, off my printer. Figure shellac dries fast. Did a test run, no ink running
  2. Making hour of light placks for cub scout troop. Everything routered save for the 2 patches i am sticking to plack . Thinking of spray adhesive on photo paper back , then spraying shellac over. What do you think long term, ok?
  3. Have the new assembly in place and blade running true. Thanx for the input guys.
  4. True that, if i had tealized it at purchase i probably wouldn't have bought it, didnt realize it was something to look at at the time. She's mine now and i can't give it back , we'll get along. Ill just kick her in the mobile base once in a while when she limits me on an application i cant perform.
  5. Great news, grizzly got back to me. They dont sell the arbor anymore but do sell the whole assembly. Bearing housing gear assemble, bearings , pully, arbor ,ect. In one piece. $195 . Bazinga, so happy. Thanx for all the input, especially the duct tape comment, lol
  6. I did call first and was told to have machine shop fabricate one. Then emailed there sevice department begging to have them double check there service and parts departments to doyble check there shelfs. I know, i was reaching. Lol.
  7. Bought it on cregs list for $300 , have another 200 into it. really dont want to abandon it, but im not going to spend 5 to 7 hundred bucks to have a machinist fabricate one eather. Right tilt saws , the threads are reverse, you put the blade on the left side. Really kind of pissed that grizzly didnt respond to my lengthy email. Saw also has a nice delta fence on it. I like the saw if not for the damn wobble in blade. Its about 9 thousands off at teeth.
  8. Spoke to grizzly and they said my best bet was to have a machine shop make one up. Emailed them back looking for specs, no responce, that was a month ago.
  9. Yes tried 5 different blades, dial indicator on arbor flange, face and edge. And its a super heavy duty 1023 , 208 volt, probably 25 years old
  10. Tried wd-40 and duct tape, didnt work. Started typing earlier today but interupted by work. Thanx for any input guys.
  11. Have a wobble in blade, have changed bearings, pully , belts and arbor washer. Used dial indicator, wobble still there with belts off. Have ground face with router with grinding stone bit. Has to be the arbor itself. They no longer make it, thanx grizzly. Any body with this issue, any idea where to get an arbor. Im at my wits end.