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  1. Hi Woodworkers, I'm at a finishing stage of my project but have to finish it in parts. One part has to be completely finished with stain and lacquer because if glued in place before finishing I will not be able to get to parts nearby to stain and spray lacquer. So If I finish this piece first without installing it and go ahead and finish the nearby parts, there will be stain and lacquer on the area that requires glue to install the pre finished part. My question is will glue still bond to a stained and lacquered surface? Maybe I will need to scuff sand the areas where to glue joint will be without messing up the looks of the joint.Or maybe I should do a test piece by staining and spraying the lacquer and see if glue will bond. Any thoughts are most appreciated. Also happy Fathers Day to all you dads
  2. Greetings to all woodworkers. I'm attempting to edge band veneered plywood with 1/2" thick mitered strips that surround an end table top. Seems the proper way is to leave both edges slightly proud so they can be flushed after glue up. Flushing the overhanging edges is my dilemma compounding the feat with miters. Any and all suggestions would be more than appreciated. Please stay safe and find some joy in these trying times.Thanks Richard
  3. Thanks Higtron. Did you use a rabbiting bit? I'm not sure what you meant by short fence on the router table. Going in a right to left direction, in this case counterclockwise for the rounded part of the insert, did you just hold the workpiece tightly against the flat fence moving it in a rounded motion for the rabbit, as if to sand a rounded area on a disk sander?
  4. Hello to all woodworkers. I'm trying to make a tablesaw zero clearance insert on an older JBL. Problem is there is a lip or rabbit the insert has to sit down on. Using 1/2" ply the needed rabbit is about 1/4" x 3/8" deep. Using a straight bit on the router table for both straight sides of insert seems straight forward but going around both curved ends seems problematic. Any advise is appreciated. Thanks-=-Richard