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  1. Here is a close up picture of the original with a chip which looks like veneer to me.
  2. Yes - I think it is veneer but I didn’t think it was until you said that- now I’m thinking I should paint it? Unless the 1000 grit would work- any more suggestions based on the fact that it’s a veneer
  3. THANK YOU so much for all of the great responses. Everyone is such a judge help!!! Here are some pictures. The brown is the original- it is the leaf of the table that I did not do yet- try not to cringe at what I have done! Lol
  4. Hi there! I need some advice for sanding a dining wood table- the grain goes in all different directions and when I sanded by hand I could see scratches after applying the gel stain. I did go with the grain in different directions and I sanded with a 220 AFTER the gel stain :(. Can I try another coat of gel stain?