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  1. MJC

    Lumber Cart

    I saw another post about sheet good storage and I didn’t want to hijack that thread so I started a new one. l am starting to get way to clutter with my “sorted out organized” piles of wood. I need to make a cart to put this is and I would like to have it on casters. Rather than list what I want to put in my cart I think I would like to see photos of what others have. I know after I see those I will change my mind on what I want anyway so it will be a waste of time to make a list of what I want. If I decide to go with your cart would you be willing to send me some simple measurements of it so I can make one myself? I also want to be able to get it through a 36” door should I ever move.
  2. MJC

    SawStop setup issue

    Ok so here are the results. I took measurements on the fence and the blade. All that worry was for nothing!!!
  3. Coop I have a lot of business down there but I don’t share the covers that well unless it’s with my wife and that’s a battle sometimes.
  4. It was cold here also. I think this morning it was around 1 but felt like -11 and low tonight is supposed to be -2. I think right now it is 13 out....heat wave
  5. MJC

    SawStop setup issue

    Well look what came today! Now after I go run a couple errands I can check the measurements later with this gauge....after I see how to use it.
  6. If you use a brush make sure the brush is wet with water before putting it in the poly IF you are using a water based poly and I use a natural bristle brush. That's how I did these cornhole boards and they turned out ok for my skill level anyway.
  7. MJC

    SawStop setup issue

    Well that is good to know because I never thought about that and wouldn't even have thought that far ahead. I did buy the dado brake and insert I just need to pick out a dado set which I think I am going to go with this one https://www.amazon.com/DEWALT-DW7670-8-Inch-24-Tooth-Stacked/dp/B0002ZU6X4/ref=as_li_ss_tl?s=hi&ie=UTF8&qid=1512687796&sr=1-1&keywords=dewalt+dw7670&linkCode=sl1&tag=trentdavisdot-20&linkId=06a4fe387a6631680216b617e48241af
  8. MJC

    SawStop setup issue

    Just an update on the blade issue (or non-issue) I have made cuts and I couldn't be happier. I never had more square cuts of wood in my life! I finished putting together the Incra Cross Cut sled and I hadn't made the cut in the board yet. Well after I did I couldn't believe how clean the edge was on the cut and this was done with the blade that came with the saw. Yes I ended up setting mine up on the left side of the blade. I just feel that is more natural to be on that side so that is what I did. I know it should be on the right because it is a left tilt saw but I didn't wanna do it that way. I ended up buying this blade - https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000P4QD3E/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 And no the saw doesn't sit there all the time against the wall...lol I just have it there so its out of the way when not in use. That is why I have everything on mobile bases in my shop. Not much space and I hate clutter.
  9. Thanks Chestnut. I have to say that if anyone has a Grizzly drill press it will work with what they supply you with but not all that great. The T-Slot washers they provide really do not go well with the Grizzly table but they will catch just enough to hold. For me, just enough isn't good because if you have vibration and it comes loose the outcome could become ugly. I would rather just spend $7.95 like I did and buy the correct ones from Grizzly that fit. Anyway this is how good Woodpeckers is in my book. I spoke with them about this and they to agree that it is not that well designed for Grizzly presses. I offered to share the photos of the install of the ones I got from Grizzly under their table so they could possibly come up with something more universal in the future. They were interested in getting the photos and wanted as much info as I could get them along with pictures. Some of you might have saw a post about my troubles with the saw blade and rubbing. I didn't have a gauge dial so I ordered one from Woodpeckers. I think the cost was $279.99 and with shipping I paid $90.00 for it. They made a happy customer out of me!
  10. If you use a liner in the bin it helps balance the air flow to keep liner tight against the walls of the bin. If it didn't have that then the liner would flop around and set the sensor off making you think the bin was full. It would also suck the liner up into the filter. It has a quick disconnect so when you need to empty the bin you just set the hose to the side. As for my first project - well I am not going to impress you with my projects I promise....lol I started working on a cross cut sled a few weeks ago and my business has kept me away and busy from doing much. I am going to finish that, and then I think I am going to build the cabinet for my Kreg router table.
  11. I was a little concerned on how it would handle the flex hose so I only ordered 1 to try it out. It worked well and for limited space helps on storage for sure so I was happy. I ordered 4 more so I can just hook one to each machine that I want to connect to and then just go to the DC. I am going to try the 2.5" today at some point and will let you know how it works.
  12. Correct the filter is right above the inlet and the 3 motors are under the black hood.
  13. So I finally was able to use the DC system and I love it. Huge difference rom what I was used to which was shop vacs. It is not all that loud either I was pretty impressed.
  14. Just about got it finished. I had to order washers from Grizzly so it would mount up to my liking. Just need to get some bolts tomorrow and I will be all set.
  15. MJC

    SawStop setup issue

    4 post up I posted a link from a sawstop tech guy. Read the post about Thin Kerf Blades and Riving Knives. You can use the blade you mention if you adjust the riving knife. He explains everything in in great detail on his page.