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  1. The workbench on castors is just part of it RichardA. I didn't name the project, this is what Woodworkers Journal called it and I was simply sharing something I thought might be interesting to others.
  2. This is not something I have done yet but I came across this and thought it may be something that might be a good fit for my shop area. I like this for many different reasons but I am going to think about it before I dive into anything else yet. Once I get everything else I have going completed then I will start something. Anyway I thought I would post this for anyone else who might be interested. Not sure if this is going to work how I intend for it to so we will see. This .jpg should allow you to see the entire page by dragging your mouse down just as if you were scrolling but you wont have a scroll bar you will just drag the image down and it should move down to see the entire page. Ok the .jpg wouldn't work so I made a short video showing the screen capture which can be seen here
  3. I really like this and it looks so clean, nice job Sir.
  4. I went on eBay and looked at Purell hand sanitizer and there are a couple listings with prices that are ridiculous. I understand supply and demand but price gouging to that extent is just wrong.
  5. Or that finishing the ductwork in my shop will cure it all so let’s all have a party and get it done
  6. People need to go down the isle next to toilet paper and get tissue. It is their nose that’s gonna be runny not their rear end. I was in trashmart and I overheard a lady say she didn’t know why everyone was buying up toilet paper but since everyone was doing it she was gonna buy some also. I’d rather make sure I have enough food, ammo and cash on hand before I run around like a mad man looking for toilet paper. I haven’t heard one person mention going to the bank to take cash out to have on hand but hey they got toilet paper. What happens if the banks close? Be careful and think about your answer on this one. The easy answer most want to say is “I have a debit card” but who will be filling those ATM machines?
  7. The NHL suspended its season until further notice. For me that’s like end of life. l hope your relative is getting better and that they are able to get back home soon.
  8. Richard that’s the 2 free weeks
  9. I hear you can get good deals on cruises right now. Buy 1 week cruise get 2 weeks for free
  10. MJC


    It is more than $60 for the cartridge lol and I paid more for the blade as well. I only wear slippers when I work in the shop
  11. MJC


    Ok this is great to hear, I am looking forward to learning how to use it. They said it is about a 2 to 4 week turn around time so I wont have it for a minute. I need time to get some other things done anyway and finish a couple other things I started. I have a small case of OCD and I don't like having to many things going at once. I like things organized and right now I have a mess because I have to many things started and not finished.
  12. MJC


    Well I might just use bypass mode while using it until I know for sure. I posted a link to a website that is run by a tech from SawStop not long ago. I may reach out to him and ask what his thoughts are. He did mention before that SawStop techs cringe when people call and mention INCRA because of the materials used in their products and the callers always say "I made sure I had enough clearance" which is probably why I am so unsure. I did move the fence back a tad on the crosscut sled and I haven't had any issues.
  13. MJC


    Ok I guess I worry to much. I loved the idea of the safety features of this saw and now I sometimes dislike it because I hate the thought of getting to close "might" trigger something I don't want. Maybe once I get more experience with it I wont have such a concern.
  14. MJC


    Yeah it will turn red I believe just like if you touch the blade with your finger with the saw off of course, but I worry that with the blade spinning if there is any flex in the blade it could move closer than doing the test as you are mentioning and trigger the safety mode.
  15. MJC


    Well not sure if anyone else has this and no I didn't search because I wanted it regardless. I ordered the I-Box from INCRA and I also ordered 2 of the push block combos they offer because I needed some of these anyway. My only concern is using the jig with the sawstop but I guess I can run it in bypass mode if I have to. It just looks like parts of this get really close to the blade and I guess I would worry about it throwing the saw into safety mode.