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  1. Ok well electrician was a no show so I’m not able to use the saw or DC yet. I have date night with my bride tomorrow evening so hard to say when I will get to play with these things. i did get the table saw all finished and started putting the cross cut sled together. I am going to sell my workbench with the dewalt saw in it. Just looking for some opinions on what others think might be a fair price to ask for it? The saw is a DWE 7480 and is about 8 weeks old. I bought it just to put in this workbench. The workbench measures 7 x 4 x 36.5 and it has 6 casters on the bottom. I’ve attached a few pictures of it. The miter saw is not included and it is setup so you can put the top pieces back in if the miter saw is not in there so you can use it as work space.
  2. I am crazy but that is one thing I just cant see spending the money on. At least with the stuff I have I can make stuff like scrap wood.....lol
  3. Well that was a good start. I will finish the rest tomorrow.That was a lot of work doing it by myself. I might need visit the chiropractor now.
  4. Kev, Thanks for the insight. I ended up getting a SawStop today. I went with the PCS31230 - TGP236 and got the ICS mobile base. Now it’s time to read over the assembly manual and stat putting it together. I guess I solved my dust port issue on the dewalt saw. Time to sell that and redo the bench top.
  5. Yeah I know but I wanted to make one myself too because I like the idea of having a boxed in type style sled also. Never made one before so figured I would try.
  6. So it took about 4 hours to get this far. I have probably less than 45 minutes of assembly left to do but I just cannot make it happen tonight. Overall this was a breeze to put together and there is nothing about it that requires 2 people. I posted a picture next to the drill press for size comparison.
  7. I guess when you get the first one you don’t have to wait as long. They had one ready to ship when I ordered mine but Forest “Sales guy” did tell me the turn around time was a few weeks if they didn’t have one ready.
  8. UPS man was good to me today. Look what he dropped off. The Incra CC sled and the Supercell DC system. I started making a crosscut sled which is on the back on the workbench. I started working on it yesterday and just finished the front and back fence pieces. They are all glued up and ready to be cut to length. I need to make my cuts for the runners and then buy those. I am going to put some T Track on it so I figured I might as well order a couple miter bars and then not have to worry about them shrinking or swelling.
  9. Yeah I could I was just trying to prevent from doing that but if I have to then it is what it is. I would rather have it work right then not cut through. I have not put anything on the other side of that partition so right now it’s just open space.
  10. I have a DC system I will be setting up Wednesday I was just trying to get a jumpstart on getting a couple things ready. I was going to put the fitting inside the dust port then run a straight piece of pvc out to the edge of the bench.
  11. I already have saw built into table so changing it now would require a lot of work. I already have slots cut in bench top for the fence rails. If I move the table any I would throw these off so that’s not an option without redoing the bench top. i have enough room for the fitting as I’ve already tried it just to make sure it was going to fit. I can stick it in there and snap a picture if you want to see what that situation looks like?
  12. So I am trying to decide the best way to setup the fitting on the dust port of my table saw. As you can see from the pictures I don't have much room behind the port and the partition on the workbench. I have a few choices here I could go with. I could put a 90 degree fitting on and go out to the left which is about 24 inches or point it down and go out the bottom but then I would have to put another bend in there to bring it out to the side. The option I don't really want to do it straight out the back because I don't want to go through the partition and would like to keep the PVC on one side of the bench. I was thinking the least amount fittings or bends on the line the better but that is just my uneducated guess. Any ideas or suggestions? I almost forgot to ask. Is it better to go over this with a piece of flex hose or put a PVC fitting inside of it? I have a fitting that slides right in that is 2" that fits the inside diameter perfect.
  13. MJC

    Cross cut sled

    Thanks guys! The code they gave me and I don't know if this works with any purchase but it is WTEN
  14. MJC

    Cross cut sled

    That doesn't include the sled and is only the miter gauge. If you check out the link you can see the options and what is included. https://www.incrementaltools.com/INCRA_Miter_Gauge_Combos_p/me-mgcombo.htm
  15. MJC

    Cross cut sled

    Ok before I order this I am getting the 1000 HD and it is $299.99 plus they gave me a code for 10% off. Sound like a good price?