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  1. @G Ragatz @RichardA The split is a lot more narrow than it appears. It ended up being a very messy pour. I am basing this off of a cutting board a friend of mine had, shown in the picture below. I’ll upload another pic after I sand down the epoxy. I still have some finish work to do with the sharp edges.
  2. That’s what I was looking for, thanks
  3. Sorry, I went back and read my post and realized I miss spoke. I filled the split with epoxy and am planning to poly for the finish. Can I add a bow tie joint if the split is filled with epoxy?
  4. I have about an 8” long split in a piece I’m working on right now that I have already epoxied. After applying epoxy, however, I decided adding one or two bow ties would look really good in the piece. Am I able to do this with the crack already having been epoxyed?